General questions

What makes SToK Fueled creamer different?

SToKTM Fueled Creamer has protein, MCT Oil and butter. It makes hard-working, smooth-tasting coffee that's foolproof.

What flavors and sizes of SToK Fueled creamer are available?

SToKTM Fueled Creamer is available in Unsweet, Original, and Vanilla flavors sold in 16oz plastic bottles.

Do I use the Fueled creamer in the Fueled Cold Brew coffee?

No. We do not recommend using SToKTM Fueled Creamer in SToKTM Fueled Cold Brew Coffee.

What is the best coffee to use with the Fueled creamer? Hot? Cold?

We like it best with Unsweet SToKTM Extra Bold Cold Brew. Some like it hot: of course you can pair it up with your regular coffee, too.

Where do I find SToK Fueled creamer in the store?

SToKTM Fueled Creamer will most likely be shelved in the "better for you" coffee creamer section, near the plant-based creamers.

Is the SToK Fueled Creamer packaging recyclable?

Yes. Discard seal, empty & replace cap before recycling. Please check with your city/township on its requirements.

Nutritional Information & Ingredients

What are the benefits of MCT Oil?

MCTs are uniquely metabolized because of their chemical structure. They are efficiently converted into fuel for a source of energy. They are easy to use by the body and are easy to absorb.

Why do you add butter to the creamer?

Real dairy butter adds to the smooth, creamy taste. It also bumps up the calorie count for fuel, without relying on extra carbs.

What is the source of the protein in SToK Fueled Creamer?

Micellar casein. We like it for its smooth, non-chalky taste.

Keto Diet-Related Questions

What is a keto diet? What are the benefits of a Keto diet?

A ketogenic diet is a term that refers to any diet in which dietary composition would be expected to result in a ketogenic state of human metabolism. Some people achieve ketosis either by fasting or by strictly limiting carbohydrate intake with increased fat intake and moderate protein intake.

Keto diets are often used to promote appetite control and weight loss.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic state where your body uses fat instead of carbs for most of its fuel.