we make cold brew coffee

we also want to
make a difference

We want sustainability and responsibility to be part of
everything we do — and we put it into our STōK brew
from the start. We’re on it.


To make our coffee dreams come true, we start with the beans. We go where the best beans are, including Colombia, Nicaragua and Brazil.

We believe in coffee beans grown and harvested in a more responsible way. That means working with farmers and partners who do right by people and the planet. We pay a premium for our coffee to support initiatives for healthy soil, saving water and lifting communities up.

 STōK Sustainable Coffee Sourcing from Nicaragua, Colombia, and Brazil

Our coffee is UTZ certified — and traceable from
coffee region, to roaster, to you.


While we work with partners who share our commitment to responsibly grown coffee, we’re also proud our coffee is UTZ certified. UTZ (say it like “ootz”) is the largest certification program in the world for sustainable coffee. UTZ works to:

Ensure healthy and safe conditions for workers

Prevent water contamination

Protect and/or restore natural habitaT

Improve living income and achieve decent standard of living/livelihoods for workers



Planting Trees for Healthier Soil

So far, STōK has helped to plant over 2,500 trees and 4,000 native plants to help farmers fight soil erosion.

  • Trees and plants protect the area from rain, provide shade that results in better flavor, capture CO2 and add more oxygen to the atmosphere.
  • Healthy soil produces better crops, reduces the need to open new land to farming and contains more nutrients naturally.

Planting Ideas for a Sustainable Future

STōK funds hands-on workshops for farmers on more sustainable farming methods.

  • How water used in processing coffee beans can be filtered and returned to the land.
  • How leaving cut brush around the coffee plants can hold more moisture in the soil.


How should I recycle STōK bottles?

Thanks for asking — keeping single-use packaging out of nature is an issue of our time. That’s why STōK is committed to circularity — keeping our packaging in the recycling stream and out of the waste stream. We choose bottles that are highly recyclable, and count on you to help close the loop. Our glass bottles are ready to go. For our 48 oz. plastic bottles, remove the plastic label and replace the cap before recycling. We partner with GreenBlue to raise the awareness of recyclability and include a how2recycle.info label on every bottle. STōK is also joining our corporate team on the commitment to be 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. We’re constantly on the lookout to improve our packaging and increase the amount of reused materials in our bottles. Thanks for pitching in.

Where do your beans come from?

The majority of our high-quality Arabica coffee beans are sourced from Colombia. We also get Arabica beans from Nicaragua and Brazil.

Are your coffee beans responsibly sourced? (from non-conflict areas)

We believe in coffee beans that are grown and harvested in a more responsible way. Along with our coffee supplier partner, we support initiatives for healthy soil, saving water and lifting communities up. Our sustainably grown coffee is UTZ certified, which works to improve the living conditions of farmers, workers and their families, the conservation of nature, and the protection of the environment. For more info, check out www.utz.org

There’s no forced labor being used from where you get your beans right?

Absolutely not. STōK verifies that every supplier we work with meets our high standards and supplier code of conduct. On top of that, our coffee is UTZ certified. UTZ works to make working conditions healthier and safer, and contributes to respect for people and the planet.

What sort of relationship do you have with your farmers/the communities they live in?

No coffee farmers, no coffee, no STōK. A passion for coffee connects us all, which is why we go the extra mile to support coffee farmers and their communities. STōK pays a premium for our coffee beans to support hands-on training for farmers, fair wages and decent living standards. We recently completed a trip to Colombia to see a few of the farms and farmers in action. We’re in this for the long haul, and are working to build long-term, win-win relationships with the people and places that make coffee possible. Our coffee is UTZ certified, which means it is grown with more care for people and the planet.

How do STōK’s farmers reduce their impact on deforestation and climate change?

We support hands-on training for coffee farmers to learn more sustainable farming practices; and helped plant over 2,500 trees and 4,000 native plants on coffee farms to support shade, soil health and biodiversity. Water management and climate change are two key issues in coffee production. UTZ certified coffee farmers are trained to implement better agricultural practices like water recycling and purification to tackle the problems caused by coffee processing. They also learn methods to adapt to climate change and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

What does STōK do to be sustainable?

STōK is always pushing to bring more sustainable practices into our work and our products. We take the extra steps to be UTZ certified — a program that takes a holistic approach to sustainability, balancing social, environmental and economic considerations. It includes everything from better quality crops and higher yields to better working conditions and protection of the environment.

What are your goals for the future?

Onward! We’re just getting started on our journey of continuous improvement. In the near term, we’re strengthening our relationship with our coffee suppliers and farmers, continuing our efforts to support soil health and water conservation. Long term, we recognize global issues in the food supply chain. Similar to our approach to sourcing coffee beans, we see more potential to have a positive impact on people and the planet by making thoughtful, more sustainable choices in all of our ingredients, packaging and partnerships.

Is STōK coffee traceable to the region or to the farm/broker?

With our coffee supplier partner and UTZ certification, we can follow the origin and flow from the region, to coffee roaster to the consumer. It’s about transparency, trust and our contribution to a coffee that is grown more responsibly — helping support farmers, their families and the planet.