STōK salutes
the brave, the bold —
Let’s rally to support Veterans Expeditions. We’re STōK’d to be
title sponsors for the
Veterans Expeditions’
2020 Ice Climbing Season.
VetEx is a veteran-led chartered 501 (c) (3)
non-profit that helps veterans overcome
challenges associated with military service
through outdoor adventures. VetEx trips
build trust, camaraderie and support
networks, and can even create job
opportunities for vets in the
outdoor industry.

STōK is fired up to sponsor super-chill Ice
Climbing events in 2020.
Action-packed climbing events are happening
all across the U.S. of A.

“By powering our ice climbing programs,
STōK will help get hundreds of military vets
involved with outdoor experiences and
strengthen our veteran community.” — Nick Watson, Founder & Executive Director, VetEx

check out the Veterans Day edition bottle next time you’re in store
Thank a veteran. and help us support the VetEx mission.

Your donations get military veterans on
meaningful trips and expeditions.